Thursday 21 February 2019

C3: Christmas day and Ferrari World!

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Day 4: It is Christmas today!

A day which we had intentionally kept free (apart from one Dhow cruise dinner) because we wanted to explore the city ourselves. Walking in the local streets, talking to local people, helps you learn more about the diversity of the place. Hence this decision. Also, we wanted a break from the everyday early wakeup-eat-get ready- travel-repeat process. We wanted to relax and refresh ourselves by just lazing around the way we wished to.

So, after having a hearty breakfast and staying in bed for a long time (wow), we decided to visit the famous Meena bazaar, which is well-known for the variety of stuff it has for the travelers to shop for themselves and for their relatives. Since we wanted to start on a sweet note, we started with the London dairy shake (yummmmyyyy!!!!)

Meena bazaar, to our surprise, disappointed us a little. It was more like street shopping with duplicate and not-so-good-quality stuff. From clothes to watches to bags to shoes, everything was of poor quality. Hence, we did not purchase anything. We just roamed around. Saw the entire place. Spoke to a lot of people. And ate. People in Dubai are quite honest and helpful. Everybody speaks the same language which shows the respect towards the culture. They are pretty disciplined too. We were impressed to see the commonness amongst the locals of the place.

In the evening, we went to a Dhow cruise.

It was not a cruise but just a boat ride with dinner on the way. Another dancing show was performed on the boat for the people around. Again, nothing too great about it except the view of the city, the beautiful weather and the company of my partner. The food was also just okay. Most of it was even finished by the time my turn came 😋 But that’s fine. We enjoyed the weather.
The day didn’t end there. Being a Christmas night, we along with my cousin and her husband decided to enjoy some midnight music and hence we went to Garage café. A place chosen by them (and I thank them for this). It was a lovely place with the magical live music. The guy who was singing the songs was just out of the world. His voice was magical. The music was breathtaking. We stayed there for a few hours till the time it was about to get closed.

I even got a gift as a Christmas present by the café people (I don’t know why I was chosen)😋 It was fun!

Day 5: Christmas is over, but the excitement is not. That’s the beauty Dubai. You cannot be bored here as there are multiple things to do and variety of options to explore. We are back to our high energy levels to explore the city again.

The day was planned for the Ferrari world and Abu Dhabi city tour.
The day started with the mandatory picture (which we used to send to our families everyday) and then we moved to a pre-booked cab.
The cab given to us was on shared basis, but it wasn’t much of a hassle as we were with another family from India. The cab was comfortable, and the driver was sensible and good mannered.
Ferrari world is one of its kind. Its huge and beautifully made. It has all the super scary rides which will give you the most dangerous but adventurous moments for lifetime.
Akshay was super excited for it, for the obvious reasons- cars, and more cars and some more luxurious cars!!!

We started with a virtual ride of a Ferrari 😋 and moved on the scariest rides of the world.
The rides were so scary, fast and adventurous that you have no time to think about anything while you are on it.
The first actual ride was the formula ross. It is the world’s fastest roller coaster ride.

Every time while putting my seat belt, I used to check and double check with the guards if the ride was safe and how much is the probability of me to fall off or die in it!! And every time the guards from each ride used to give me the same answer- it’s 100% safe. That gave me assurance. A little bit. May be!

But that’s the incredible thing about those rides. The rides were made with utmost care given to the safety and security of the riders. The material used, the care given- is of the best quality. Even though the rides are scary, you won’t feel unsafe even for a second. And hence you will have fun for sure.

After that, we went for all the other rides and had a great time in all of them.

Once we were done with the rides, we stayed there for a while to enjoy the beauty of the luxurious cars around us. Not me, but my husband. He has some sort of crazy love for cars and cartoons :P (about cartoons in the next blog)
He also did the virtual ride in Ferrari where he was driving the actual car, but the movement was virtual (this was a paid ride for around 150AED for 20 minutes).
Crazy, exciting and lifetime experience it was!

Also, for many of us who don’t know, the architecture of the Ferrari world is made in such a way that the shape of the building is derived and designed in the shape of the logo of the Ferrari.

Have a look:
And Ferrari world from the top:
Isn’t this mind boggling?

After that we had our lunch at the Yas mall (again, another beauty), adjacent to Ferrari world (since we had enough time in hand). We like trying new cuisines, new places every time and this time I tried which wich vegetarian sandwich for the first time (it is just like subway in India) which gives you an option to customize it the way you wish to (I got the black bean sandwich), the only difference is that they offer multiple options of cheese instead of sauces. Akshay tried Hardee’s chicken burger. Both- a must try!

From there, we moved for the city tour.

Abu Dhabi city tour required a lot of time in travelling as Ferrari world was quite far and hence by the time, we reached the Dubai museum, it was closed. Bad luck for us! So, we moved to Dubai mosque.

In no words ever, the exquisitely made building can ever be described in words. 
The only word I have for the building is ‘wow’.
[Source: Internet]
Since it is so beautiful, it is more of a tourist place these days than just a mosque to pray. It is unimaginably huge, takes you more than 20 minutes and 6 elevators to reach the main building.
The complete mosque is super clean and beautifully made with hand work all around.
The main building- whoa!
It consists of four chandeliers, all made of the world’s most expensive and huge pure, rare cut diamonds and pearls, the carpet is made up of handmade work for which numerous people had worked hard for days, months and years.
[Source: Internet]
We were just amazed to see this beauty.

After that, we went to the fruit market from where we wanted to buy some dates. It is said that Dubai has the best dates in the world. There is a variety of dates available in the markets of Dubai- from plain and basic dates to sugar-free dates to chocolate dates to what not. You name it and they have it. We bought regular dates, which are popular for high protein content and helps regulate the blood pressure.
While roaming around the fruit market, we came across variety of fruits which are different from India. It was again a different experience.

As usual, we were pretty tired by the time the day ended. We went to our hotel room, had a cup of Maggie, danced a little to release the grogginess and slept with the zeal for the next day.

Skiing and IMG world of adventure- in the next post soon!


  1. Great Post! Indeed, nothing compares to the thrills & escapades offered by Abu Dhabi & Dubai. These enthralling desert cities continue to top my bucket-list since last one year. And now, I am finally visiting my dream destination with my family next month on Dubai Holiday Visa from UK. Looking forward to have a great time in UAE!

    1. That is absolutely lovely!
      I wish you a great time.
      Thanks for dropping by here though :)


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